Why the MCC Tax Credit is awesome

Ever since the seller paid down payment assistance programs went away, federal grant programs have become extremely popular. One program that folks are really not taking advantage of is the MCC tax credit. A lot of lenders don’t offer it because it doesn’t make them any money and it’s just extra work for the loan officer without any compensation. This is a pretty awesome program that I think everyone should be getting in my opinion. … Continue reading

Why you should use down payment assistance

You’re ready to buy a house and you’ve been saving for a down payment for months. You’ve slowly saved $8,000 and you’re ready to go to your closing! You hand the check over to the closer and get the keys to your new home. Finally, you’ve become a homeowner! A few weeks after moving into your new home, the fridge starts making a weird noise. You start thinking maybe a newer fridge would be a good idea. You get online … Continue reading