Houston Down Payment Assistance

Houston offers various down payment assistance programs. Houston residents can either utilize the various State programs that are available or can apply with the Houston Down Payment Assistance Housing Authority.

Houston Hope Program(Local Houston Program)

houston down payment assistance income limits

Eligible Properties

• Single family homes/Duplex
• Condos/Townhomes(Please note that condos can sometimes be difficult to finance so ask your lender about it)
• Modular and Manufactured homes(Not all lenders will allow manufactured homes so please ask your lender about it)

**The property must be located in Houston HOPE areas. You can use this MAP to see which areas qualify for this program**

Houston Homebuyer Assistance

Similar program as above and also administered by the Houston Housing Authority. This program does not have any limitations as to location. Qualify for this program as long as your buying in Houston. Also forgivable grant after 10 years.


Similar programs as above but offers a more flexible income limitations. We have provided the max income table below. Please use the 110% table when estimating whether you’ll qualify for the Workforce Housing program. Just as the programs above, the homebuyer needs to invest at least $500 into the transaction. This program is also allows the homebuyer to get a grant of up to $30,000.


Visit the Houston Down Payment Assistance Housing Authority website.

Houston residents can also qualify for the TSAHC or TDHCA program. Both of these programs are statewide and offer very flexible terms. The TSAHC is usually a completely free grant and not a loan. Check out the TSAHC program. TDHCA is actually a program that offers a low interest rate loan to help the homebuyer with their down payment. Both programs can be beneficial depending on the homebuyers situation.

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