Down Payment Assistance

» 5% grant towards down payment and/or closing costs.
» 30 year fixed FHA loan plus down payment assistance.
» Grant covers entire down payment • Zero Down.
» Qualify for FHA loan and grant together.
» Grant does not need to be repaid.
» No restrictions on location • Purchase anywhere in Texas.
» First-time buyers and previous homeowners qualify.

How does it workdown payment assistance

The program is a HUD approved 30 year fixed FHA mortgage plus a government backed 5% grant that goes towards the down payment and/or closing costs. The grant is not a loan and will not need to be paid back. The buyer has to be a Texas resident and must occupy the home as their primary residence.

A typical mortgage requires either 3.5%(FHA) down or even sometimes up to 10% down. This grant can help customers keep more of their money in the bank instead of dumping their savings into a down payment.

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