Texas First-time home buyer programs

5-Tips-for-First-Time-Home-Buyers-in-BostonBeing a homeowner is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your family. We specialize in first-time home buyer programs and work with individuals looking to take advantage of down payment assistance grants, tax credits and other unique programs.

A loan approval is absolutely free of cost. Our goal is to have you pre-approved for a loan within 24 hours so you can feel comfortable beginning your home search. Once your loan is approved, we will provide all of the necessary information to guide you through the entire loan process.

Being a first-time home buyer can be a little bit intimidating so we try to make your experience as easy as possible by working around your schedule and utilizing the best and newest technology that the industry has to offer.

First-Time Home Buyer Programs

TDHCA Down Payment Assistance: 30 year fixed FHA loan for first-time home buyers and folks who have not owned a home in the past 3 years. The assistance comes in the form of a 5% grant to help the home buyer with their down payment and closing costs. The grant is a deferred o% interest loan that does not need to be paid back until the home is sold. This program is targeted at moderate income individuals and/or families. No money down is required.

TSAHC Sweet Home Down Payment Assistance30 year fixed FHA, VA or USDA loan for first-time home buyers or previous home owners. Homebuyer can utilize either a 5% or 3% grant to assist with down payment and closing costs. No down payment is required and the grant does not need to be repaid. This is a true free grant program.

MCC Tax Credit: Yearly tax credit that allows the homeowner to use up to $2,000 to offset their tax obligations at the end of the year. The tax credit applies for the life of the loan. This is not a mortgage. It is an add-on to the homebuyers primary fixed loan.

What are the benefits of owning a home

  • Own property and/or land instead of renting
  • Take pride in your property by making improvements, etc…
  • Tax incentives
  • Ability to pay the loan off and be mortgage free in the future
  • Better to raise a family instead of renting.
  • Build equity as the property goes up in value

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