Homebuyer Education For First-Time Home Buyers

eHome_AmericaYou will be required to participate in a first-time home buyer class if you are taking out a TDHCA or THAHC loan. Below are details to help you schedule your homebuyer education. You will have the option to take an in-person course or an online class.

Option#1 Take an in-person course (cost is FREE)

Find A Local Agency Near You

Option#2 Take the course online (cost varies between $50-100 depending on County)

Step 1) On the right hand side you will see a “Start Here” section. Choose Texas and the County that your’re buying in. Once you pick the County, it will give you a few sponsors to pick from. You can pick any sponsor. They will require you to provide some documentation so read through their instructions carefully.
Step 2) Complete the homebuyer education. The course is fairly lengthy so you can save your progress and restart at a later time if needed. Please know that everyone on the loan will be required to complete the course.
Step 3) After you complete the course you will be required to complete a 30 minute over the phone follow up counseling with the sponsor you choose. We know that it sounds like a lot of work but they just want you to be prepared! The counselor will email you the certificate after the follow up counseling.

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